First of all I found the unique application on the AIS of Skoda-Auto University. Here, the University of Aschaffenburg proposed an educational project without any tuition fee. The application was available till 28th of February. But I found out the most important issue – that only the first 20 students will have the opportunity to apply for courses.

Therefore I submit immediately my CV and cover letter.

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Day arrival
I have successful arranged my bus ticket from Prague to Frankfurt am Main. I would like to say thanks to the Student Agency for this comfortable service. Six hour journey on the bus was supported by movies in the screens in the headrest. The bus ticket was 60 euro without ISIC or 48.60 euro for students. The bus departure was near the main train station of Frankfurt am Main, where I took the train for 12 euro.   Next point of destination was Aschaffenburg. Here I took a taxi to my Hotel for 6 euro.


Student’s accommodation in hotel Olive was made with German approach and I shared a room with two Czech guys We stayed in room for six people.  Everything there was great but it cost 30 euro per night. Price also includes a tasty breakfast from 8 till 10am. There was only one disappointment – the Internet connection was so slow and so often Wi-Fi was dispersed.

On Sundays in Bavaria it is impossible to visit supermarket or mall. Due to Special Bavarian Law which is prohibits sales after 8 p.m.  And when working   on Sunday, I could only purchase goods in gas station or in a restaurant.   So I started to look for some typical German restaurant. And I found one in front of the sales office Skoda in Aschaffenburg.  I would say that the three German language modules that I studied at Skoda-Auto University were extremely useful for communication. I had there “Schnitzel mit Kartoffel freie und ein beere.


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First day of study
At first our study researched the following 4 tasks:




We decided split up our team by the 4 tasks. For instance I researched the second   one.

I created a Facebook group and invited there all 12 members of my project. So our team has the possibility to inform each other online.


Monday evening was so sunny and warm. Everyone who came to the project week had a nice excursion around the University. We also had the opportunity to see real technological progress inside the electronic library. There was a sun battery for the roof, electric cars, and equipment which allows a real car to drive without any controls. After the great excursion we had a nice welcome drink and amazing discussion with each other. We were going to restaurant next to the central park.

After great excursion we had nice welcome drink and great discussion with each other. We were going to restaurant through central park.

1375105_661378947249499_8787579191012426430_nSecond day of study

We got our case study. Our Professor split up our group into technical and sales teams.

After the lecture and careful contemplation we had time for group brain storming.

Our Mission:
Preparation of an offer responding to a call for a covered bike station in a French town.

As a simulation of a real company, the student group was divided into a technical and a sales teams. Each team had a part of the information and need to cooperate to build the offer.
Students of the technical team had the functional specification and a (simple) calculation of the structure. The sales team worked on organizational items and the financial aspects of the project. At the end, both teams discovered cultural aspects about France.

First of all we started to calculate the amount of square meters inside our future bike station. And we decided to have 2 floors for bike parking because it saves much space and reduces the cost of construction, etc. Next question was to find proper equipment and measure the costs of lockers.  With my German colleagues work was done immediately. We found all coast estimators and successfully finished the work.

This evening I had time to visit some shops in the city mall “Fashion Gallery”

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On the third day of the project week our team listened to lectures which were so useful for the construction and calculation costs of the building of bike parking.   We had to work quite long hours   on Wednesday.  We had to move to the library and finish our tasks there.

Wednesday evening foreign students had an excursion to the old city center of Aschaffenburg.  We visited the old Palace of Aschaffenburg, two churches. Our guide was such an educated person with perfect academic English.

All Thursday our team was working on finishing the project and final presentation..

Finally on Friday 3 people from our group presented our project.

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Ilya Kovalchuk

Ilya Kovalchuk

I am a student of ŠKODA AUTO Vysoká škola. I had bachelor degree graduation in Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI). Now my full-time form master program is Marketing Management in the Global Environment. For me journalistic experience has most important role in future carrier. Public Relations is exactly what I would like to develop till profession level. Also, I try to study culture, language and behavior of foreigners thought sport, games, and formal events. I am such a happy person. Because I have great opportunities discover the World.